Anonymous asked: PLEASE MAKE A NEW FUCKING SERVER. You cocksuckers run a good fucking ship. I havent played with you guys since minecraft beta D:

Mate, we haven’t had a server up in 2 years


Anonymous asked: Do you guy still have your server

Not anymore. It may return in the future, but for now the administrators are playing other games and life goes on.


Anonymous asked: i want the ip


Anonymous asked: its whitelisted?

It has been since about 6 months ago, to prevent hackers and people who aren’t deemed as ‘very nice people’

You can apply at our website, but read this first:


Drum n’ Bass at its best.

Reblogging this because I love the new Youtube speed controls. Try switching this to 1/2 or 1/4 speed after a drop or a rise. Just pure sound orgasm.


Anonymous asked: how do i get white listed

go to


Anonymous asked: how do i get on to the server

Open Minecraft, login, click Multiplayer, then type:

Connect and Enjoy!


This is so true :)

This is so fucking funny and true.



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We’re Back!

Ok guys. I’m back to say that blog is back up and we will start functioning regularly soon. The server was just updated to 1.6.6, so come on down to join our awesome community.

In other news, after increased popularity of the games “Ace of Spades” and “Terraria”, we have put plans in motion to host “McCloud’s Kingdom” servers for each game. These will be free servers and will be run by the same staff as the Minecraft server. More information soon, but these games are considered official on the server now, so feel free to submit your screenshots and content from them.